Abreya Higgins


Abreya started with CLC in February 2019 as the Administrative Assistant. She has recently been promoted to Paralegal.

Abreya Higgins

She began her career as a social worker working with homelessness and affordable housing in her home state of Iowa. After several years in the field, she realized that she was more interested in pursuing opportunities that involved more long term, sustainable solutions. She wanted to find a way to combine her passions for law, public policy and administration and this led her to pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree. In February, Abreya began a paralegal certificate course through George Mason University, so she could expand her skills and put them to good use on the litigation side of the organization. And her tenacity paid off since she was recently promoted to the Paralegal role. 

In her free time, she enjoys following politics, spa time, reading, traveling and volunteering for causes she is passionate about.