VICTORY! 5th Circuit Rules Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act


CLC Statement on 5th Circuit’s Ruling in Texas Voter ID Case 

NEW ORLEANS, LA – A full panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled in a 9 - 6 decision that Texas’ discriminatory voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act and cannot be enforced as is in the upcoming presidential election.

The Campaign Legal Center represents plaintiffs Congressman Marc Veasey, LULAC and a group of Texas voters challenging Texas voter ID in Veasey v. Abbott

CLC Executive Director Gerry Hebert released the following statement:

“We have repeatedly proven – using hard facts – that the Texas voter ID law discriminates against minority voters. The 5th Circuit’s full panel of judges now agrees, joining every other federal court that has reviewed this law. We are extremely pleased with this outcome. This law will no longer prevent eligible voters from casting a ballot this November.”

The case now returns to the district court to consider the proper remedy that will ensure that all eligible voters can cast a ballot regardless of voter ID requirements.