U.S. Senate: CLC Debunks U.S. Chamber of Commerce Criticisms of DISCLOSE Act


Today, the Campaign Legal Center sent a letter to Senators addressing the “erroneous and misleading” legal criticisms of the DISCLOSE 2012 Act (S.2219) made by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  The letter from Executive Director J. Gerald Hebert and Policy Director Meredith McGehee was written in response to a letter sent to the Senate by the Chamber earlier this month which falsely describes the bill as unconstitutional and favoring unions.

The letter lays out the case for why the nation’s campaign finance disclosure system must be updated in the wake of Citizens United and explains why such efforts are directly in line with Supreme Court precedent.  The correspondence goes on to emphasize that the Chamber’s criticisms that the bill favors unions over business corporations are baseless, designed only to stoke partisan fears and should be rejected.

The read the full letter, click here.