Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Denial of Emergency Request from Dark Money Group Crossroads GPS to Avoid Disclosing its Donors


Campaign Legal Center’s Tara Malloy issued the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court denying a request from Crossroads GPS to temporarily block a lower court ruling requiring independent spenders to disclose their donors:

“CLC has fought for disclosure of dark money donors for years, and we strongly support the district court’s decision ordering the Federal Election Commission to provide the disclosure required by the statute,”said Tara Malloy, senior director, appellate litigation at Campaign Legal Center. “The FEC’s poorly-crafted regulation had the effect of undermining the donor disclosure laws passed by Congress.”

“Citizens United is often blamed for the explosion in dark money – but the fault also lies with the FEC for failing to adequately interpret and enforce the disclosure laws on the books. Now that the regulation is no longer in effect, the disclosure statute can operate as Congress intended. We will be urging the FEC to act in accordance with the court’s order and to craft rules that ensure the public’s right to know. ”