Resignation Leaves Nation’s Only Election Watchdog on Life Support


A Federal Election Commission that functions and enforces the law is critical to a healthy democracy

WASHINGTON – Lee Goodman announced Wednesday that he is stepping down from his post as Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This strips the FEC down to four commissioners, which is the bare minimum number of votes for a quorum. Unanimous votes will now be required to take any action, such as passing rules or punishing lawbreakers. If one more commissioner steps down, the FEC would lose the authority to take official action.

Trevor Potter, president of Campaign Legal Center (CLC), and a former Republican chairman of the FEC, released the following statement:

“The FEC is the only government agency dedicated to overseeing the integrity of our political campaigns. We are facing the real possibility of a de facto FEC shutdown ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, and this couldn’t come at a worse time. Left unaddressed, the vulnerabilities in U.S. elections exposed in 2016 will only be exploited to greater effect by foreign actors in 2018 and beyond. We must not allow the nation’s election watchdog to bleed out.”

“The American people witnessed unprecedented campaign finance violations in 2016, including illegal foreign spending, a lack of transparency around the sources of millions in election spending, candidates and super PACs illegally working hand in hand and government contracts being awarded to corporations that gave six-figure donations during the presidential campaign.”

“A functioning and effective FEC that enforces the law is necessary for a healthy democracy. It is critically important that President Trump prioritize appointing FEC commissioners who will faithfully execute their duty to enforce the law.”