Public Deserves to Know if Judge Gorsuch Had a Role in DOJ Firing Scandal


WASHINGTON – Today, the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) for documents containing communications to and from Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch during his tenure at the Department of Justice when several attorneys were improperly fired due to political reasons, which threatened the independence of the agency. Reports make clear that the George W. Bush administration’s undue pressure on U.S. attorneys to find and prosecute voter fraud had a role in the firings.

Gorsuch served as Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General from July 2005 to June 2006, and had oversight over civil litigation issues, including civil rights.

“Judge Gorsuch should be held to the highest standard as the nominee for the high court,” said Danielle Lang, deputy director of voting rights at the Campaign Legal Center. “Maintaining an independent judiciary has never been more important. It’s the public’s right to scrutinize Gorsuch’s record, particularly since he held a high-ranking position at DOJ with authority in its civil rights division – at a time when his colleagues were engaged in politically motivated activities that compromised the independence of the DOJ. As the Trump administration signals its plans to embark on part two of the voter fraud witch hunt, we must know whether Judge Gorsuch had a role in part one.”

The Bush DOJ found “virtually no evidence” of organized voter fraud despite a five-year effort to “crackdown” on the alleged problem.

CLC has requested expedited processing due to the urgent need for information prior to Judge Gorsuch’s nomination hearing and the public’s interest in disclosure. Under the regular timeline, DOJ is required to respond within 20 working days.

Read our FOIA request