President Obama’s New FEC Nominees: Statement of Paul S. Ryan


Today’s nominations are an encouraging sign from an Administration that has allowed a long-dysfunctional FEC to sink to a new and disgraceful low. Over the last four years the Administration had offered only a single nominee as the terms of every sitting commissioner expired and the Commission, split along party lines, deadlocked on most meaningful matters before it. As a result, abuses of our campaign finance laws have been rampant.

Ann Ravel, is the type of individual the Administration should have nominated years ago if it was serious about seeing the nation’s campaign finance laws enforced. Ravel chairs the California Fair Political Practices Commission, which the FEC would do well to emulate if it hopes to repair its ruined reputation.

Lee E. Goodman has an extensive background in campaign law and the Commission is desperately in need of new blood. We are hopeful that, if confirmed, he will discharge his duties more effectively than the Commissioner he would replace.

We hope that the Senate will act quickly to confirm these nominees and that the FEC will begin again to enforce the laws passed by Congress. Further we hope the Administration will move quickly to put forward nominees to replace the other four commissioners serving expired terms.

Paul S. Ryan is Senior Counsel at the Campaign Legal Center.