‘Onward Together’ Breaks Clinton’s Promise to End Secret, Unaccountable Money in Politics


Newly created nonprofit organization will not disclose its donors

On Monday, Sec. Hillary Clinton announced that she was launching a new political 501(c)(4) group, Onward Together. Staffers for the new group suggested it will not disclose the names of its donors. Larry Noble, senior director, regulatory reform programs and general counsel at Campaign Legal Center (CLC) released the following statement about the importance of disclosure to the ongoing health of our democracy:

“It is disappointing that Sec. Hillary Clinton – who ran on a platform to “end secret, unaccountable money in politics” – would break the spirit of her own promise by starting a new dark money group to allow her to raise unlimited funds from secret donors. Disclosure is critical because voters deserve to know if our leaders will answer to them, or to wealthy special interest groups and donors. Transparency is the foundation of an open democracy. Clinton’s group is following a dangerous path that could further open the floodgates to even more unaccountable money in politics.”