OGE Director Walter M. Shaub, Jr. to Join CLC and Lead Ethics Practice


WASHINGTON – Walter M. Shaub, Jr., director of the United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE), will join Campaign Legal Center (CLC) as Senior Director, Ethics, beginning on July 19.

“I have had the honor and privilege of serving the American public at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics under three presidents – George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump,” said Shaub. “In working with the current administration, it has become clear to me that we need improvements to the existing ethics program. I look forward to working toward that aim at Campaign Legal Center, as well as working on ethics reforms at all levels of government.”

Shaub, who submitted his resignation as OGE director this afternoon, will expand the capacity of CLC’s ethics program, which has a long track record of holding government officials accountable on both sides of the political aisle.

Over the past several administrations, CLC has been instrumental in not only watchdogging public officials, but also shaping and advancing ethics legislation, including the Honest Leadership and Open Government in 2007, which created the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).   

Shaub will work with Larry Noble, senior director and general counsel at CLC, who has been a strong voice for ethics laws and currently serves as a regular contributor on the topic to CNN. CLC will continue to address violations of the ethics laws, issue policy recommendations and educate the public on the importance of ethics to a functioning democracy.

“It’s imperative that we sustain a culture of high ethical standards in our government,” said Trevor Potter, president of CLC and a former Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “Walt, in serving the American public at the OGE under three presidents, has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and integrity. All of us at CLC are thrilled to have him join us in our continuing work to protect and improve our democracy.” 

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