New Litigation Summary from CLC Reveals Ongoing Flood of Challenges to Campaign Finance Laws


Following Citizens United, ideological and interest group opponents of campaign finance regulation have continued to flood the courts with cases challenging campaign finance laws at the federal, state and municipal levels.  The number of lawsuits across the country and the number well-funded groups bringing those suits continues to grow.

The Legal Center has released an updated summary of that litigation to facilitate the tracking of the long list of cases. 

As the litigation summary attests, campaign finance reform opponents currently are focusing their firepower on contribution limits and political disclosure laws.  Despite some high-profile victories won by reform opponents, most of their challenges have been successfully turned back.

In addition to contribution limits and disclosure laws, reform opponents have devoted significant energy to challenging laws regulating coordination between candidates and outside groups.  Pay-to-play laws around the country are also facing challenges as are laws governing the funding of judicial elections.  The Legal Center also continues to pursue litigation against the Federal Election Commission for its failure to enforce or properly implement the campaign finance laws passed by Congress.

The Legal Center’s litigation summary attests to the enormous number of active legal cases concerning campaign finance and underscores the need to remain vigilant in tracking and participating in litigation in 2015 and beyond.

To read the Legal Center’s updated campaign finance litigation summary, click here

A summary of the Legal Center’s voting right litigation will be released in the coming weeks.

The most recent updates of the litigation summaries are always available on the Legal Center website’s Litigation page.