Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum Completes Report on Expanding CLC’s Efforts to Confront Foreign Election Interference and Online Disinformation Threats

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is pleased to report that Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum, serving as a special advisor, has completed a project to provide recommendations on ways that CLC can expand its efforts to confront foreign election interference and online disinformation threats to U.S. elections.

Lawrence-Apfelbaum’s recommendation was based on extensive research as well as interviews with more than 40 technical, legal, and policy experts and current and former government officials from the U.S. and other democracies around the world. The internal report outlines legislative proposals, administrative actions, and policy work that CLC can undertake and expand in these crucial areas.

“CLC is grateful to Marc for his comprehensive report, which outlines several practical steps that we can pursue to help to better confront cyber threats to our democracy,” said Trevor Potter, CLC’s Founder and President. “We’re glad that he’s agreed to continue as an informal advisor to help us implement his proposals.”

“I’m very appreciative that Trevor and CLC gave me an opportunity to delve into and help to address these ongoing online threats,” said Lawrence-Apfelbaum.  “I look forward to continuing to help CLC to expand its work to confront these threats in advance of the 2020 elections.”

Lawrence-Apfelbaum will be speaking on February 7 on an election-integrity panel at Georgetown Law’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy. He will present ideas he developed at CLC on the need for federal legislation to address potential election day cyber threats. You can see more about the program at