Legal Center Seeks Investigation of Apparent Illegal Contribution from Super PAC to Romney Campaign


Today, the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) over apparent illegal in-kind contributions made by Restore Our Future, Inc. to presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  According to multiple press reports, the Romney-linked Super PAC is paying to air television advertisements originally produced and aired by Romney’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign.  Such an action would constitute a violation of the law.

Late last week, Restore our Future reportedly made an extensive ad buy to air a Romney campaign television ad.  Under FEC regulations, financing the republication of any campaign materials prepared by a candidate, or an agent of the candidate, “shall be considered a contribution for the purposes of contribution limitations” of the person or group making the expenditure.  Super PACs like Restore Our Future, however, are prohibited from contributing to candidates.

“Restore Our Future’s expenditure to republish a Romney campaign ad is considered a contribution from the Super PAC to the Romney campaign under FEC regulations, but Super PACs are prohibited from contributing to candidates,” explained Campaign Legal Center counsel Paul S. Ryan.  “The airing of these ads constitutes a clear violation of federal law by the shadow campaign committee Restore Our Future.”

To read the full complaint, click here.