Legal Center Files in Support of Los Angeles Independent Expenditure Disclosure Laws in Ninth Circuit


Today the Campaign Legal Center filed an amicus brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in support of the independent expenditure disclosure laws of the City of Los Angeles. The Legal Center’s brief in Dickranian v. City of Los Angeles points out that the Ninth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court have repeatedly upheld disclosure requirements and argues that the Ninth Circuit should do so again in this case.

“The U.S. Supreme Court has time and again upheld disclosure laws by overwhelming margins, citing the important public interest in disclosing those seeking to buy influence with candidates and officeholders through political expenditures with details of how they’re spending the money,” said Paul S. Ryan, Legal Center Senior Counsel. “This suit asks the Ninth Circuit to overlook its own rulings on disclosure as well as those of the Supreme Court. Dating back to the challenges of the post-Watergate reforms of the 1970s the courts have been very clear and very consistent in upholding disclosure laws.”

The Los Angeles law requires those making independent expenditures above certain thresholds in city candidate or ballot measure elections to file a campaign finance report and a copy of the communication. The plaintiff/appellant in this case spent nearly $8,000 sending letters to more than 17,000 Los Angeles voters urging them to elect a particular candidate for the office of City Attorney. The district court upheld the City’s disclosure law.

To read the brief filed today in the Court of Appeals by the Campaign Legal Center, click here.