Gov. Martinez Vetoes Disclosure Bill, Rejecting Bipartisan Push for Government Transparency


WASHINGTON – Today, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez vetoed Senate Bill 96, which would have required groups attempting to influence New Mexico elections to provide critical information to voters before Election Day. The bill was supported by Democrats and Republicans in the New Mexico Senate and House of Representatives, including the Republican leaders in both chambers.

“Gov. Martinez is out of step with a majority of New Mexicans, who value transparency in politics,” said Catie Kelley, state and local program director at the Campaign Legal Center. “Democracy requires transparency and accountability. Secret campaign spending withholds important information from the public. The disclosure of who is paying for political advertisements is necessary for voters to properly evaluate the message and make informed decisions at the ballot box.”

New Mexico will continue to fall behind the majority of states that require outside groups to disclose the sources of advertising designed to influence state elections. According to reports by the Albuquerque Journal, polls conducted by Albuquerque-based Research and Polling over a four-year period consistently show New Mexicans favor increased disclosure requirements on independent political expenditures.