Former Solicitor General Charles Fried Joins Campaign Legal Center Board


The Campaign Legal Center is pleased to announce that Charles Fried is joining the organization’s board of directors. Prof. Fried served as Solicitor General of the United States under President Ronald Reagan, and as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. He currently is the Beneficial Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, where he first taught in 1961.

Professor Fried has a longstanding interest in the area of campaign finance and has served as counsel to amici in several recent U.S. Supreme Court cases in the field. He co-chaired with Legal Center President Trevor Potter the American Bar Association Task Force on Lobbying and Ethics Reform, which examined the political fundraising activities of lobbyists.

“The Campaign a Legal Center is honored and fortunate to have Charles Fried join our Board,” said Trevor Potter, President of the Campaign Legal Center. “He is a nationally known and respected Republican lawyer and scholar. His views on the importance of improving the current state of our campaign finance practices, and the fact that this can be done in ways fully consistent with the First Amendment, will be of enormous assistance to us as we litigate these issues in the courts."

During his career at Harvard Professor Fried has continued to argue a number of major cases in state and federal courts. He has taught Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Roman Law, Torts, Contracts, Labor Law, Constitutional Law and Federal Courts, Appellate and Supreme Court Advocacy. Professor Fried is the author of more than 30 journal articles and nine books. He holds degrees from Princeton, Oxford and Columbia and has authored Saying What the Law Is: The Constitution in the Supreme Court (2004), Modern Liberty (2006) and numerous other books and legal articles.

To read Mr. Fried's website biography, click here.