Federal Court in Texas Finds Voter ID Law was Passed with Discriminatory Intent


WASHINGTON - Today, the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas held, once again, that the state’s strict voter ID law, enacted in 2011, was written with racially discriminatory intent.

“Today’s ruling is a crucial step in the six-year journey towards justice for Texas voters since this restrictive voter ID law was passed,” said Danielle Lang, deputy director of voting rights at the Campaign Legal Center. “Judge Ramos was absolutely correct in her judgment that this law was designed to harm minority voters and cannot stand. SB 14 was expertly crafted to harm minority voters in order to minimize their voice just as their political power was growing. Legislators must respond to their electorate, not silence their voters. While the Department of Justice sadly withdrew their intent claim in this case in February, we will continue to fight this discriminatory law in court.”

Read the court order.

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