The DISCLOSE Act Vote and the For Profit “Tea Party Nation”: Statement of Meredith McGehee, Policy Director


It is unfortunate that the DISCLOSE Act has fallen victim to election season political posturing. Once the dust settles after Election Day, the Senate would be wise to revisit the DISCLOSE Act.  Polls have repeatedly shown that Americans, by overwhelming margins, are strongly opposed to corporations and unions spending unlimited amounts anonymously to elect or defeat candidates and that citizens expect their elected representatives in Washington to act. 

  Public disgust and calls for a congressional response will only increase as Americans nationwide will be forced this election season to sit through endless attack ads paid for by groups with patriotic names and completely anonymous backers.

While today’s Senate vote is disappointing, we remain optimistic that Congress will soon follow the will of the voters and enact meaningful disclosure legislation.  We also hope that efforts to rally opposition to DISCLOSE by the “Tea Party Nation” – a group which is best known for trying to turn a profit on the Tea Party movement -- will not gain traction, especially because they are so misinformed about what the DISCLOSE Act will do.  Anyone seeking to change the status-quo in Washington should be making sure that all Americans are aware of who is trying to buy and sell their elected representatives.  After the Supreme Court decision last January, new laws are critically needed to ensure that Americans are not left in the dark about the large sums of money being spent to influence the outcome of our elections.