Democrats & Republicans Collude to Raise Contribution Limits in Omnibus Appropriations Bill


This backroom deal represents everything Americans detest about Washington and about Congress.  Rather than pass legislation to fix the corrupt existing campaign finance system, this Congress that couldn't pass a bill to simply increase transparency for campaign contributions decided to raise the price for its attentions.  The price for seat at the table in Washington just went up again and even further out of reach for all but the very richest of Americans.  

Both parties are complicit this dirty deal that was made based on incumbents' fears of money from outside groups.  But rather than act on bills to address the ills resulting from the Citizens United decision, like improved disclosure and transparency and tighter coordination rules, this Congress is apparently more interested in looking after their own selfish interests.  The new increased caps on contributions to the parties represent nothing more than a rent increase for K street lobbyists who organize and direct the flow of money from those Americans with the deepest pockets.  But for most Americans this deal signals an increasingly out-of-touch legislative branch that has lost interest in the best interest of it constituency.