Defending the right of Maine voters to have elections free from foreign influence

Washington, D.C. - In November, over 86% of voters in Maine supported the passage of Question 2, a ballot measure designed to ban foreign spending in state elections. But this morning, the right of Maine voters to have elections free from foreign interference faced its latest challenge, when an oral argument was heard in the U.S. District Court of Maine in a challenge to this new law from four different plaintiffs.

After over three hours of argument, the court stated that it anticipated releasing its decision by the end of February, when the law is slated to go into effect.

It feels strange that this even needs to be said, but foreign entities should not be able to spend money to influence our elections. Mainers deserve a government that is responsive to them, not foreign interests,” said Tara Malloy, CLC’s Senior Director for Appellate Litigation & Strategy. “By barring entities owned or influenced by foreign governments from spending to influence state elections, Question 2 empowers Maine voters, restores their right to democratic self-governance and reduces the power of wealthy special interests.”

This slate of lawsuits is just another example of wealthy special interests using campaign money to try and shape political decision-making at all levels of government — and oftentimes at the expense of everyone else.

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