Congressional Redistricting Formula Act Introduced: Statement of J. Gerald Hebert, Executive Director


Today, Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) introduced The Congressional Redistricting Formula Act to reform the manner in which Congressional Districts are drawn following the decennial census. The legislation, which would require states to follow certain criteria as they undertake congressional redistricting, is aimed at ending the excessive partisan gerrymandering that characterizes modern day redistricting plans. The legislation, if enacted, would impact the post-2010 redistricting cycle.

J. Gerald Hebert, Executive Director of the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center, supported the goals of the Congressional Redistricting Formula Act, saying:

“The Congressional Redistricting Formula Act is to be commended as a commonsense effort to curb some of the most blatant abuses of the redistricting process.  Representative Nunes’ bill deserves broad bipartisan support, public attention, and a hearing – something that has been denied to numerous past efforts to reform redistricting system. 

“All too many politicians don’t like to constrain their redistricting power in any way, shape, or form because it makes it more difficult for them to ‘cherry pick’ their voters.  In a democracy, voters should choose elected representatives, not the other way around.  Requiring that certain specific traditional criteria be used by those who draw the political boundaries will surely constrain the excessive gerrymanders we have seen in past redistricting cycles.  The Nunes’ bill is not written to benefit either Democrats or Republicans; it is written to benefit the American people.” 

To read the bill, click here.