CLC’s Trevor Potter Applauds House for Passing HR 1

It deserves a vote on the bill in the Senate

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the For the People Act (HR 1), a critical step to address the most pressing challenges to our democracy. The comprehensive legislation helps to ensure every eligible voter can cast a vote free from barriers, and promotes every citizen’s right to participate in the political process.

“This landmark bill would make our government more accessible, transparent, and responsive to citizens. It addresses obvious and harmful malfunctions and abuses in our election system. HR 1 is a sorely needed legislative solution,” said Trevor Potter, president of CLC, and a former Republican Chairman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC). “The Senate should take on the issue and embrace these reforms. It’s important that they call a vote so all members are on the record about where they stand on democracy reform. Voters want and expect a democracy that’s open to the American people, and Senators should not hide behind legislative procedures to avoid a vote on this bill.”

The For the People Act garnered support from a diverse coalition of hundreds of organizations. 82 percent of voters in battleground states – including 84 percent of Independents – support the legislation. The same poll showed that in those states, 75 percent of voters said cracking down on corruption was their top legislative priority.

Adav Noti, CLC’s senior director of trial litigation, testified before Congress in support of HR 1 on January 29. He talked about how HR 1 would improve campaign finance laws by ensuring that “ordinary citizens can participate in the political process without having their voices drowned out by wealthy corporations and individuals that hold special interests.”


Read CLC’s full statement in support of HR 1.