CLC, Wisconsinites Sue Over Gerrymandered Voting Map


Madison, WI – Today, several Wisconsin voters from across the state filed a lawsuit to block further use of Wisconsin’s extremely gerrymandered state legislative map.  

The nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center (CLC) partnered with Law Forward, the Election Law Clinic at Harvard Law School, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, and Arnold & Porter to file the lawsuit on behalf of individual voters who have had their voices silenced by the illegally gerrymandered map.  

13 years ago, Wisconsin Republicans took control of the state legislature and, behind closed doors and in defiance of the state constitution, drew new district lines that essentially guaranteed one-party control of the legislature. This was borne out in 2018 when, despite winning 53% of State Assembly votes cast statewide, Democrats only ended up with 36% of the seats.  

After the 2020 census, partisan politicians crafted a similarly extreme gerrymander that continues to silence the voices of voters – and now Wisconsinites are fighting back in court.  

“Gerrymandering is a stain on our democracy no matter which party does it. It’s common sense: Voters should pick their politicians, not the other way around,” Mark Gaber, senior director of redistricting at Campaign Legal Center. “For far too long, Wisconsinites have had their voices illegally silenced by extreme gerrymandering. When districts are drawn fairly, all Wisconsin voters will have an equal chance to elect leaders who will best serve their communities. Wisconsin’s courts can help make sure every vote counts and every voice is heard.”  

The suit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission and other defendants was filed on behalf of 19 plaintiffs. It argues that the state legislative map is an extreme partisan gerrymander which violates the Wisconsin constitution and retaliates against voters for their political views and that the map has other constitutional flaws under the state constitution.  

Attorneys from CLC, Law Forward and the Harvard Election Law Clinic will hold a press call TODAY, August 2, at 11:30am CT/12:30pm ET via Zoom to discuss the lawsuit. RSVP here

More details about the lawsuit can be found here