CLC Speaks Out Against Efforts to Spread Disinformation Ahead of Trump-Johnson Press Conference

WASHINGTON – Today, former President Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson are expected to hold a joint press conference on “election integrity” at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla.  

Trevor Potter, president of Campaign Legal Center, released the following statement ahead of the expected press conference:

“It’s unfortunate that self-interested politicians, including the former president and current House speaker, continue to spread disinformation about how the election process works, all under the guise of ‘election integrity.’ Of course, the security of our elections is already the central focus of U.S. election officials. It is a disservice to our democracy when leaders who should know better choose to peddle falsehoods about voting for personal and political gain. Their efforts seek to destroy the integrity of our elections, not uphold it. 

“Campaign Legal Center has been at the forefront of the movement to combat efforts to sabotage our elections, working with state and federal lawmakers to protect the freedom to vote and ensure all votes are counted. With yet another contentious election year well underway, voters should rest assured that significant steps have been made toward guaranteeing the safety and security of the election process.”