CLC Report Highlights Top Training Upgrades for Ethics Commissions


Washington, D.C. – Campaign Legal Center has released a new report, “Top Ten Training Upgrades for Ethics Commissions,” focused on ways state and local ethics commissions around the country have improved their training programs. Featuring proven solutions from North Carolina to California, the report analyzes innovations that can ultimately help other commissions improve their own programs.  
State and local governments maintain a higher level of public trust than the federal government. The ethics commissions that serve these governments play a fundamental role in maintaining that trust by conducting trainings across vast government workforces to ensure that employees are adhering to laws and rules that increase transparency and maintain accountability.  

“Ethics commissions are the guardians of good government, the often unseen but essential guardrails that ensure our state and local governments are accountable to the public they serve,” said Delaney Marsco, Senior Legal Counsel for Ethics at Campaign Legal Center and one of the report’s primary authors. “We hope this analysis helps government employees see the benefits of implementing these practices and are able to find a way to share those benefits with their own offices.” 
This report is the third in CLC’s annual report series designed to promote the successes of state and local government ethics offices, following 2021’s “Top Ten Transparency Upgrades for Ethics Commissions,” and 2022’s “Top Ten Enforcement Upgrades for Ethics Commissions.”


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