ADVISORY: Coalition of Advocacy Groups Speak Out Against Georgia Voter Suppression


Virtual Press Conference on Voting Access Rollbacks – Wednesday, March 10: 2pm-3pm ET

ATLANTA, GA - As Georgia lawmakers prepare to vote on a sweeping bill which would significantly restrict access to voting, national and local advocates for fair elections will hold a virtual press conference to discuss its harmful impact on different communities. The groups, representing legal, minority, community, and disability groups, strongly oppose several new restrictive proposals. In addition to restricting voting access in Georgia, speakers will touch on the concern that the trends identified in Georgia will expand nationally.

Georgia voters turned out in massive numbers twice in recent months, for both the November 2020 general election and the January 2021 runoff election. Rather than building off a record setting level of civic engagement, Georgia lawmakers are now seeking to roll back voter participation and make it harder for Georgians to vote. Proposed election changes in Georgia include:

  • eliminating no-excuse absentee voting
  • requiring first-time voters in Georgia to vote in person
  • requiring absentee voters to provide a photocopy of their photo ID
  • Language that could prohibit the use of ballot drop boxes
  • restricting county election officials’ ability to utilize mobile precincts to serve rural and other hard-to-reach voters
  • removing restrictions on poll watchers that keep election officials safe without facilitating additional transparency for voters

Members of the media should go to the following Zoom link to attend the call, which is on-the-record.



There will be a Q&A following speaker presentations.