WMUR: New Hampshire Primary Source: Kasich backers say he filmed super PAC ads before becoming a candidate


Paul Ryan, senior counsel for the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog group, said that while certain ads may appear to have been coordinated between campaigns and the super PACs that support the candidates, it’s the legal definition that matters. And the rules get more stringent closer to the election.


“When you’re this far out from an election, the only way to meet the content prong of the FEC regulation is if it expresses advocacy, or if it entails re-publication of candidate material.”


Ryan was less concerned about the fact that Kasich speaks directly into the camera in the ads than he was about the brief appearance of the words, “John Kasich, President 2016,” in one of the two 60-second television ads and the longer video.


He called the inclusion of those words “express advocacy” of Kasich for president and, in his opinion, “constitutes a violation.”


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