Wis Opinion: Standing up against gerrymandering brings hope


The D.C. Campaign Legal Center (CLC), "a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that defends and protects our democracy in the areas of campaign finance, voting rights, political communication and government ethics", has joined the suit as co-counsel. The prestigious watchdog's board includes Charles Fried - former Solicitor General under President Reagan - as well as Tom Mann and Norman Ornstein - scholars and reform experts who set the gold standard for governing. The CLC said: "The plaintiffs look forward to presenting evidence at trial that the plan (Wisconsin redistricting) was drawn in secret, in consultation with a political scientist and without input from Democrats, in an attempt to maximize Republican wins and minimize Democratic influence over the political process for as long as the plan was in place." A court-ordered, less partisan redistricting could lead to more productive problem solving, and offer a model for the nation. Hope. 

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