Which Of Giuliani’s Indicted Buddies Was The Brains Of The Operation?

Talking Points Memo

Parnas initially attracted scrutiny for a $325,000 contribution to a pro-Trump Super PAC that he marked down as coming from a firm called Global Energy Partners. But that money, too, appears to originate from Fruman. The contribution set off alarm bells at the Campaign Legal Center, a D.C. watchdog on money in politics. The nonprofit group filed a complaint with the FEC. Separate litigation in Florida revealed that the contribution came from a separate firm, called Aaron Investments. Aaron Investments had received a $1.26 million transaction from the client trust account of a Miami real estate lawyer. A lawyer suing to recover a $500,000 judgment against Parnas that stemmed from separate fraud allegations told TPM that reporting suggested Fruman appeared to be in the driver’s seat.

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