Watchdog group files complaint against Hawley


A Washington, D.C., watchdog group has filed a complaint alleging Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley's Senate campaign coordinated almost $1 million in spending.

The Campaign Legal Center in its complaint filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission said in a news release that evidence indicates the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund used a shell corporation created by a Hawley campaign consultant to route the money in support of Hawley's campaign.

“Groups like the NRA can only make unlimited expenditures if they are independent of the candidates they support, and it falls to the FEC to enforce the laws that preserve that independence and prevent corruption,” said Brendan Fischer, director, federal reform program at the Campaign Legal Center.

The organization said in its news release that a Politico Magazine investigation uncovered that leaders of the company OnMessage, which is led by Hawley campaign consultant Brad Todd, created a shell corporation called Starboard.

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