Watchdog alleges Trump campaign illegally concealed $170 million in spending

The Hill

The 81-page complaint, filed by the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), alleges that former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale used a “pass-through” company to pay downstream vendors, including Trump campaign members, associates and family members. “This illegal conduit scheme leaves voters in the dark about the entities working for the Trump campaign, the nature of their services, and the full amount they are paid,” said Brendan Fischer, the CLC’s director of federal reform. “We don’t know all of what is being hidden by this scheme, but we do know that it violates the law.” The CLC has asked the FEC to investigate and take action against the campaign for funneling payments through the American Made Media Consultants (AMMC), which is the parent company the Trump campaign allegedly used to conceal the payments. The CLC complaint alleges the Trump campaign cleared $170 million through AMMC, which it says was used as a “clearinghouse” for payments that were steered to friendly political consulting firms or people who did not register the payments with the FEC.

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