Washington Post: A veteran ethics watchdog just revealed something striking about Trump and transparency


Trump’s ongoing efforts to evade disclosure have recently been in the news in other ways, such as in the bombshell report just yesterday revealing that Trump failed to disclose a second meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Hamburg. Meanwhile, his trashing of ethics and norms has set a new, low standard for his advisers and senior staffers. And we’re starting to see some of them follow Trump’s lead.


Shaub, too, was an immediate and visible critic of Trump’s subversion of long-standing ethics norms while still serving as OGE director. “The plan does not comport with the tradition of our Presidents over the past 40 years,” Shaub said just after Trump’s lawyer announced the arrangement. Since Watergate, Shaub said, presidents have “all either established blind trusts or limited their investments to non-conflicting assets like diversified mutual funds.”

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