The Washington Post: Opinion Trump’s personal pilot to head the FAA? It’s the latest sign norms are breaking down.


Axios has reported that President Trump is contemplating appointing a man named John Dunkin to head up the Federal Aviation Administration. Dunkin, it must be noted, does not possess the traditional resume for someone who would normally be considered for this position. He is not a current or former elected official, nor does he have extensive government experience.


After all, the news of the possible Dunkin appointment comes mere days after CNBC reported that the Republican National Committee is paying rent to the tune of $37,000 a month for space for Trump’s 2020 campaign. The location? New York’s Trump Tower. (And making sure no politician’s family is left behind, the RNC is also paying the approximately $12,000 monthly salary of the Trump campaign’s deputy executive director, Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence.) This, apparently, is not illegal. “This is permissible and it’s being reported properly,” as Brendan Fischer of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center told CNBC. It is, however, concerning. As CNBC reports, the payments began shortly after public pressure forced the RNC to cease paying for the legal advice Trump was receiving related to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation.

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