The Washington Post: Despite Pledge to ‘Drain the Swamp,’ Trump Has Shown Little Interest in Beefing Up the Federal Election Commission


More than a year into his presidency, President Trump has shown little interest in beefing up the Federal Election Commission, the agency that could serve as a key player in his avowed agenda to reduce the influence of moneyed interests on politics.

So far, Trump has nominated just one new commissioner to fill the two open spots on the panel. He has the opportunity to name an entirely new slate. The remaining four commissioners are serving on expired terms, two of which ended as long as a decade ago.


Trevor Potter, former Republican FEC commissioner and founder of campaign-finance advocacy group Campaign Legal Center, said he hopes things will change under Trump this year.

“I am hopeful that he will turn to those issues in the second year of his term, now that he has dealt with tax cuts and health care and substantive legislative issues in the first year,” Potter said.

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