Vanity Fair: How Republicans Actually Profited off the Tom Price Scandal


But those claims ring a tad bit hollow, given the fact lawmakers like Fleischmann could actually put their money in a blind trust—as many of their colleagues have done—but have chosen not to do so. “If you’re really not going to be involved, then put it in a blind trust and let a truly independent adviser—not a family relative—make those decisions for you,” Campaign Legal Center counsel Larry Noble told Politico. “When they say, ‘Well I didn’t know my broker was going to buy it,’ you have to start parsing words. You didn’t know he was going to buy it that day? Or, you’ve never had a conversation with your broker about buying that kind of stock?” Or they could just throw everything in a mutual fund, which according to Robert Walker, a former counsel for the House and Senate Ethic committee, “might lead to a boring investment life” but is “the more prudent ethical and political course.”

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