USA Today: Out of Loopholes, Trump Must Disclose Stormy Daniels Debt in Next Financial Report


President Trump has a big decision to make. Unless he requests an extension, his personal financial disclosure report is due on Tuesday. Under the Ethics in Government Act, he has to disclose all liabilities that exceeded $10,000 at any time during calendar year 2017, even if he repaid them later that year. That includes his debt to Michael Cohen for the $130,000 payment Cohen made in October 2016 to adult film star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford). The question is whether Trump will disclose that debt, as well as any others he may have omitted.


Under the circumstances, the Justice Department should investigate last year’s omission. For his part, Trump should avoid giving Justice another potential violation to investigate when he files his financial disclosure report Tuesday.

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