Tampa Bay Times: Campaign finance watchdogs keep up pressure on Jeb Bush


"Bush is doing precisely what the 2002 law prohibits: establishing and, through his agents, directly or in directly controlling an entity that is raising and spending non federal funds," reads a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch from the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21. "

"This scheme goes to the heart of what the (2002 Bipartisan Camapign Reform Act) soft money provisions were enacted to prohibit. The public position taken by the Bush campaign that it is not “coordinating” with the Super PAC on its spending, even if it were correct, is irrelevant and a distraction from the real issue here, which is the scheme to violate the BCRA soft money provisions. Because this scheme involves knowing and willful violations of the law, the Department has an obligation to investigate it and take appropriate action."

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