Supreme Court Finds Texas Election Districts Lawful, Save One

Courthouse News Service

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled that Texas lawmakers illegally gerrymandered one district by race when they drew up federal and state legislative districts in 2011 and later amended them in 2013, limiting the rights and power of black and Hispanic voters there but not in 3 other challenged districts.

Corey Goldstone, media strategist at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, was disappointed with the decision, and said the single gerrymander classification of one district was “small potatoes” compared to the broader discrimination that is still allowed to proceed in Texas.

He said the court’s decision reinforced the importance of the Voting Rights Act and its ability to aid voters of color who were “either intentionally packed into districts or spread out among districts.”

“This sort of race discrimination should have no place in our democracy,” he said.

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