The Spirit Lake Tribe Member is one of a handful of people suing North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger


It's the first time Dion Jackson voted. "Turned in my ballot, and then maybe two, three days, I got it sent back to me," said Plaintiff, Dion Jackson. His absentee ballot application was denied. The man who lives on the Spirit Lake reservation says his address is invalid, even though it's the same one that's on his North Dakota ID card.

"They don't want us to be heard or to vote to get who we want in there," said Jackson.

Jackson is one of six tribe members hoping a judge will will step in to allow Native Americans with the same issues to vote next Tuesday. The lawsuit claims a failed system by the state of assigning physical addresses to people living on reservations is to blame. Problems like the ones Jackson is facing are common across North Dakota reservations, according to the lawsuit.

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