Southside Daily:Virginia Beach resident asks ethics office to investigate Rep. Scott Taylor’s social media activity


“Presumably, a political director is working for the campaign and working on campaign time, updating the campaign Facebook page on campaign time, not necessarily from congressional office or while working on the taxpayer dime,” Fischer said. “I don’t know that I would have enough information to say that that’s the case.”

While Fischer says Weldon’s use of unofficial and official social media is in need of review in accordance with ethics rules, he also says that Allen’s complaint appears to properly illustrate how Taylor and his staff made some mistakes.

“The analysis looks right in terms of what the house ethics committee has advised for unofficial social media accounts,” Fischer said. “Part of this is probably rookie mistakes and transitioning into congress. But these ethics rules matter. We’ve certainly seen from the White House down for the past few months – we have seen a disregard for the ethics rules.”

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