So You Changed Your Mind About a Political Donation Like Some of Pete Buttigieg’s Ex-Supporters — Can You Get a Refund?

Market Watch

Candidates are only obligated to refund money “when they weren’t allowed to keep it in the first place,” Erin Chlopak, the director of campaign finance strategy at the nonprofit and nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, told MarketWatch. “In general, political contributions are legally required to be refunded when the contributions violate applicable legal requirements,” said Chlopak, who previously worked in the Federal Election Commission’s Office of General Counsel. “For example, if a donor gives a contribution above the applicable limit, the amount over the limit must be refunded,” she said. “Another option is to seek the donor’s consent to redesignate the contribution for a different election.” A contribution would also need to be refunded if it came from a “prohibited source,” she added, like a foreign national or a corporation.

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