Slate: The Ethics Official Doing the Best Job of Holding Trump Accountable Is Quitting


Shaub’s next job will be at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy group founded by Trevor Potter, who served as a GOP appointee to the Federal Election Commission and who is best known for helping Stephen Colbert set up the Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow super PAC. According to the Post, OGE chief of staff Shelley K. Finlayson will most likely take over as acting director once Shaub departs on July 19, though it’s always possible Trump could appoint another senior OGE official to serve as a placeholder until the Senate confirms his chosen permanent replacement. Regardless of who gets the job, though, the most that can be reasonably expected of the new director is that he or she picks up where Shaub left off. And that, sadly, means fighting a battle that is unwinnable unless the OGE is given more power—or until Congress is willing to step up to apply some pressure of its own.

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