Scott Pruitt Aide Resigns From EPA Amid Chick-fil-A, Trump Mattress Scandals: Report


Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general who was appointed by President Donald Trump to head the Environmental Protection Agency and has been in the middle of a number of scandals since taking the job, finds himself in the midst of yet another ethics scandal.

Libowitz's concerns were echoed by Corey Goldstone, media strategist for the Campaign Legal Center.

"Pruitt’s behavior has shown his casual disregard for ethical norms," Goldstone told Salon by email. "At the very least, Pruitt’s use of an agency staffer to try and secure employment for his wife is a misuse of his government position. At the most, it raises questions about whether he broke federal code for the inducement or coercion of benefits through use of his office."

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