The Record: Trump campaign forms fund-raising alliance with RNC, NJ GOP


“Presidential candidates soliciting $450,000 contributions poses a serious threat of corruption,” said Paul S. Ryan, an attorney with the Campaign Legal Center, which argued unsuccessfully to keep the aggregate individual contribution limits in place.

Ryan said that he argued that overturning the limit would lead to candidates combining their efforts with multiple committees to take big amounts, and Justice Samuel Alito and Chief John Roberts dismissed the idea as a “wild hypothetical.”

“I have four words for the Supreme Court: I told you so,” he said.

Ryan said that while joint committees must distribute their proceeds to each of the groups that make up the alliance, the law also allows for unlimited transfers and the money could simply be transferred back to Washington after it is received...

Ryan said public outrage over parties raising unlimited amounts of “soft money” led to a ban in the McCain-Feingold law in 2002.

“McCain-Feingold prohibited soft money, but the courts created a new corrupting soft money system,” Ryan said.

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