Raw Story: Former Ethics Chief Explains to CNN Why All of Trump’s Cabinet Officials Are So Bad At Their Jobs


Former director of government ethics Walter Shaub explained why President Donald Trump’s political appointees keep humiliating his administration over and over again.

According to Shaub it all goes back to the conspiracy theories of a “deep state.” Such theories might be indicative of an “administration (that) seems to have declared war on expertise. They don’t trust them.”


“And her comments about one of the things she said is she couldn’t comment on trends or statistics because each student is an individual,” Shaub said. “Well, that is an anti-intellectual idea coming from the head of the Department of Education because it’s almost like she’s saying you can’t study education. You can’t study whether it’s possible to make school systems in the aggregate better.”


Shaub explained that the “really depressing thing as an ethics official” is that all of these things should be setting off red alarms to Americans, but because the country is so “hyper-polarized” people are getting off scot-free.

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