Quartz: A political watchdog is suing the Department of Justice over its embrace of private prisons


Now the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a political watchdog, is trying to find out how campaign contributions from one prison company to the to the pro-Trump Rebuilding America Now SuperPac may have influenced the Justice Department’s decisions. The group sued the Justice department today (June 15), after the DOJ refused to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The suit, filed in a US district court in Washington, DC, asks the court to compel the DOJ to turn over emails and records of correspondence between the agency and the SuperPac...

“Government contracting is the most obvious way for a politician to reward friends and political donors, which is why companies that receive contracts have been banned for 75 years from making political contributions,” Brendan Fischer, associate counsel for the CLC, said in December. “Officials are supposed to decide how taxpayer money is spent based on what’s best for the public, not based on what’s best for their big money backers.”

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