Public Integrity: The endless promises of Democrats’ fundraising plans


For some Democrats, the DCCC’s fibbing amounts to a middling misdemeanor. They argue it’s trivial compared to a president, Donald Trump, whose habitual fabrications have earned him 244 (and counting) “false” or “pants on fire” demerits from Pulitzer Prize-winning fact checker PolitiFact.

But other liberals cry hypocrisy: Pelosi has pilloried the GOP for making “false representations” and trafficking in “alternative facts and fake news.” Former first lady Michelle Obama, perhaps the nation’s most recognizable Democrat after her husband, has pushed Democrats to reject deception and seek enlightenment. “When they go low, we go high,” she says.


While neither the DCCC or NRCC emails are illegal, the NRCC emails “strike me as unseemly for all the reasons the president’s involvement with these properties is unseemly,” said Adav Noti, chief of staff at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center and former associate general counsel for policy at the Federal Election Commission. NRCC spokesman Jesse Hunt declined to comment on fundraising techniques.

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