Politico: Trump, Clinton Money Awash in Conflicts of Interest


“Any time you have an entity soliciting money and it has the name of and the daughter of the president, it’s a problem,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center. “… People overseas sort of laugh and say, ‘Of course people are going to be giving to that.’”

“The reason it’s important is democracy by its very nature is a confidence game, it’s based on the confidence of the people that the government is accountable,” McGehee said.

Compared with unraveling the Trump business web, resolving conflicts with the Clinton Foundation is straightforward, McGehee said. McGehee said the Foundation should be “put in abeyance” if Clinton becomes president.

“I think it’s much easier for Clinton, but that’s the thing with Hillary, she takes something easy and makes it hard,” McGehee said. “Particularly if she’s elected, it’s a problem of her own making.”

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