Politico Magazine: Meet the Liberals Who Think Trump's Good For Democracy


The drubbing has only continued, and many share the sentiment that Trump has become an educator, if accidentally, on campaign finance. “In the course of explaining his many political contributions, he’s made the same points the reformers have made: that this is a pay-to-play system, that people put their money in and expect to get results,” said Trevor Potter, founding president of the Campaign Legal Center and former chairman of the Federal Election Commission during the Clinton administration.


“Trump has correctly read Greenberg’s polls, or someone else’s polls,” said Potter. “A big piece of that is the money-in-politics problem. And he’s using it to attack the system for his own electoral advantage.”


Indeed, Trump has yet to propose any concrete solutions of his own, Potter and other reformers note—but has only held himself up as immune to corruption on account of his billionaire status. But that itself only underlines the outstanding issue, Potter said. “His view of the solution is: Elect me, because I can afford to self-finance. That's not a solution. That's part of the problem,” he said. Yet reformers agreed that Trump—or rather, his voters—show little sign of cooling off. Said Potter, “He’s tapped into a significant protest vote.”

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