Politico: Hillary Clinton 2016: Campaign wants donors to pay for their own food, parking

“Why stop at food and valet? How about Uber cars for all attendees?” asked Paul Ryan, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center. “And would the campaign need to pay for a band that entertains guests at the restaurant ‘after’ the fundraising event, if the campaign says that it didn’t require the band for its fundraising event, but the restaurant wanted to have a band that night?”
And, if the FEC issues a broad ruling allowing the Clinton campaign to proceed, Ryan wondered whether corporations, which are barred from donating to campaigns, might be able to use the ruling to pick up expenses accrued by fundraiser attendees.
To prevent the Clinton campaign request from being used as “a Trojan horse,” Ryan said, it’s “pretty important” that, if the FEC approves the request, it “make(s) clear that it is only permitting attendees to pay their own expenses and that third parties are not allowed to pay these expenses.”
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