Politico: Bernie Sanders' spokesman holds down two jobs


“The line is: Anything you do in your time, you’re fine to do either for pay or as a volunteer. You can’t use any resources in your congressional office. No phones, no computers. If you do any campaign activity, you’re supposed to step out of the office. My experience is that doesn’t happen,” said the Campaign Legal Center’s Meredith McGehee. “It’s an important line because taxpayer money is not supposed to be spent on the senators’ political aspirations.”


Nonetheless, having two full staffs with some political, policy, and research functions is one of the “built-in incumbent advantages” of running as a sitting senator, said McGehee, even if such candidates run the risk of creating a perception problem. And in a case like that of Sanders, a number of former Senate staffers are now on the political team, fresh off the government payroll.

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